Witcher 2 – Letho Hard, no trap/bomb/dagger [HD]

First of all, you only need to take him down to 50% to win the fight.
Use Aard when he doesnt have Quen, hit him with Y when he’s stunned (dont use fast hits).
If he pops Quen’s shield, dont attack him, set a trap with Yrden (it may fails sometime) and wait until his shield disapear then burst from behind.

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  • Radus

    First of all, that’s not right. The fight ends when Letho has 10-15% vitality left (unless you are playing in easy mode).
    My own approach to Letho worked like a charm, this is how I did it:
    I tried to have Quen up as often as possible, but managed well without it when I didn’t have the time to put it up.
    When Letho uses Quen, just run around him (outside his reach), or from side to side in a flanking method. That way you can steer clear when he uses Aard and Igni. Letho’s Quen will not last for long, even if you don’t hit him, so just wait until it wears of. When that happens, you are ready to go at him.
    Try to notice how Letho moves – you can predict his path of mayhem when he swings his sword in a whirlwind style. Dodge away from him, and either run or dodge to his back (dodging is faster if timed right). Hit him hard 1 time only, wait until Letho is ready to swing at you again, and the second he turns at you, dodge past him so you end up behind him and hit him hard again – repeat.
    Do never use block against Letho, he will blast you with Aard and use Quen.
    If Letho should be so lucky as to hit you with Aard or Igni while doging around him, get up and use Quen. Stay clear of him until his Quen is used up and if needed be, you can “semi-slow” him by using grapeshots or the like when his Quen is up.

    Letho’s style: When you block or stand still, he will blast you with Aard or Igni. If you are too far away, he will throw bombs or poison at you.
    Letho blocks most of the time, so repeatedly hitting him will not work.
    When you are midrange to him, he will launch a whirlwind attack against you, if you are up and close, he will throw some heavy hits against your general direction. He uses Quen when you are blasted away by his Aard or his sword.

    If done right (and with a little luck) you can take out Letho quite easily – but be prepared to take some hits once in a while (that’s why you use Quen as to not get blown back when he hits you).

    Yrden is somewhat useful against him – I recommend not using it at all as it uses up potential Quen instead.

    • Arlorn

      Problem is that doesn’t work, i cant dodge his igni or aard, they hit PERIOD. Doesn’t matter if i’m in front of him or not. They will pass 3 feet to the side of me and STILL hit me. I cant dodge his swings either, it still hits me twice the length of his sword out. I went back to a previous save to see if i could at least get a bit of help from potions, only problem is no matter how quickly i go through the conversation and such, they are gone once the fight starts.

  • Meednes

    This was the hardest part in the game for me, it took me about 4 hours to kill this guy. I didn’t have any potions or oils and I suppose my gear was crappy, because I did either minimal dmg or 5 dmg per hard hit maximum. Took me about 100 hits to get him to the required hp. I simply didn’t want to chicken out and get better gear, I knew I could kill him 😀

  • if you are close or have shields he will use a ranged attack be it bomb, force push, or poison bomb so dodge those. dont use shield if you can help it, it makes the AI simpler

    run around if he has shield, it last 20 sec.

    do a light attack, he will block it, then do a heavy attack, and get out, repeat.

    start the fight with the light attack combo. sometimes you can go light block heavy light but dont count on it.