The Witcher 2 – Kayran Boss Fight Hard Walkthrough HD6970 Maxed Out 1600×900

This took me like 10 tries before I finally killed this big monster.
Everything is set to Ultra High settings and on resolution 1600×900, normally I would have it on 1920×1080 but the frame rate was too unbearable – I was getting like 15-20 fps. With 1600×900 I get a decent 25 – 40 fps.

Hard mode is pretty damn hard, I was going to play it on Insane but I think I wouldn’t have gotten very far, what with the gameover if you die once thing.
I will try insane after I finish it on hard.

Game of the year so far!

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  • Dan

    This video is complete BS. I know this right off the bat. You have it on EASY. I have been playing this on MEDIUM, and I can tell you I die every single time if the Kayran hits me just ONCE, EVEN WITH QUEN ACTIVATED. This is impossible.

  • robert

    what do i when it throws rocks

  • geralt

    you die

  • Mark

    He is using trainer i saw him get hit and barely zero dmg, I can tell.

  • Joe

    You both are so wrong. He’s on the XBOX (lots of trainers lol), and I’m on a PC and tentacle hits with the Quen does ZERO damage [on medium], you notice he puts it on IMMEDIATELY? Yeah, that’s exactly what to do. I’ve done this so many times, that I don’t even need to quen, it’s really easy now. I came on to see how to go on after that, I never went to the left up the ramp blegh.. gl!

  • MOS


  • CPatrick

    This boss fight absolutely sucks. I think this is the end of my Witcher experience.

    • Ah qq. I started on easy now I’m up to hard. Try the harvenger on nightmare in DA without an imported character. That’s a real beast.

  • lololol


    Yeah right he’s on Xbox… On a PC only game… this guy’s a cheat.

    • Crusnik


      You can see he’s on a console because of the the blue “X” button flashing instead of the right mouse button. And Witcher 2 is out on PC, Xbox, and Playstation 3.

      • Marjan

        I play witcher 2 on PC using Xbox 360 controller and when I do this the game’s on screen buttons changes to Xbox 360 controller style too. This game is still not out on Xbox 360 and PS3.

  • possum440

    This is a trainer or something, i am doing this on the pc at the moment and this bossfight is a bitch on hard, i nearly beat it three times but i have got to the end the action icon with MO appears and i have no clue wtf this means and i die. getting pretty pissed as i hate going through the stinking cut scene over and over, the fights not the hard thing, watching that stinking cutscene is driving me up the wall. And ya the guy that made this vid is lying out his ass, on hard mode the the shield does not do anything for you other than save half to 1/4 of your vitality, he takes no damage, hence bullshit.

  • Shawn

    I agree with many others on this board; just a piss poor boss fight so early in the game.

    Sorry, not interested in making 5, 10, 20 attempts at a single boss.

    That’s laziness on the design team, substituting ridiculous hardness for actual game content.

    The first Witcher was far superior in that regard.

    Its just. Not. Fun. It’s just. A. Pain. In. The. Butt.

  • Shawn

    P.S. And having to sit through the entire cut scene or most of it every single time, despite the illusion of a “skip” option?


  • rocklover

     throw rocks back

  • rocklover

     throw rocks back